Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sunkist Backpacker's Car Rentals

Here are four great reasons to consider 4WD rentals in Thames for your next holiday to the Coromandel:
  1.  For those who are on a budget this is a cheap option to get off the beaten track and explore the Coromandel from only $35 per day.
  2. Intercity Coaches provide direct transport to the Sunkist Backpackers in Thames from the main centers in the North Island. Fares are around $25 per person.
  3. Once you get to Thames, you can go where buses can’t take you and explore places like Fletcher Bay, Waikawau Bay and New Chums Beach – Sunkist Rentals are one of the few companies that allows you to venture off sealed roads!
  4. There’s loads of space to take ya mates or if you’re like me, to fit your extra luggage!

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